According to legend, Stirling was saved from attack by Viking invaders by a howling wolf. Today, the Howl newsletter is here to alert Stirling to the political battles ahead. YES lost the referendum but never has this nation been so politically charged, motivated and informed.


In this climate, Labour's alliance with the Conservatives cannot be forgotten. They told us our NHS would be safe only if we voted NO. Now they say only a vote for Labour will save it. They told us the Smith Commission proposals were ‘The Vow’ delivered. Now they say they don’t go far enough. They told us they opposed fracking, then they failed to vote against it.


Labour insists a vote for the SNP will mean a Tory government. The Tories say an SNP vote is a vote for Labour. It can't be both! The truth is Stirling and Scotland must vote for parties whose allegiance is only to voters in Scotland: that’s the SNP, Greens or SSP.


The London media mounted a misinformation campaign for Better Together and will do so again, right up to the general election in May, all the while urging you to vote for either Labour or Tory. But neither party has Scotland’s interests at heart. With the majority of their voters in the rest of the UK, the rest of the UK will come first. It’s time for change. BE that change by voting for a wholly-Scottish party in May.